I finally succumbed...

...wait. I did not succumb (although what a perfectly nasty word to fit the situation,) I fell. I toppled. I lapsed. I busted my ass in the mud.

After 25 years of driving what amounted to essentially the same Volvo, same make different year, I bought an SUV. I SWORE I would never drive such. I ridiculed women who plodded around in my mother's station wagon reinvented. I zipped around in my super-safe lightweight foreign car, secure in my superiority.

And then I fell off the wagon.

Bought a Honda Pilot. LOVE this car, like...LOVELOVELLOVE this car. Extra L in there for emphasis. I love this car.

Which is all fine and dandy. I've gone from me and one kid to...two large kids, a large me and a large Big Boy. We are officially The Large Family. This car is much better for Large Soccer Trips and Large Tennis Trips. I can live with this.

Except, y'all. Oh, y'all. Yesterday? I'm riding down the road, all Large and everything and pull up to a red light next to another mid-size SUV and I glance out the window and without missing a BEAT, thought to myself, "Mine's bigger than your's." Thought it rather smugly, too, I might add.

I am ashamed. So ashamed. It took me less than a week to fall and people...I'm still scrabbling down the hillside. Just make sure? I ever mention getting a C...what is that license? CLV or something like that? For driving big trucks? Someone just slap me. I KNOW my limitations ;-)


HOW FUNNY! I thought your blog title was funny b/c I am "City" and my beekeeper Dad is "Country" acordign to a family friend. I continued relating with the SUV story...I drive a Honda CRV and swore I would go right back out and buy another...mine is ten years old....and i USE it for hauling a huge dog, double stroller, too many groceries, landscaping debris, garbage/dumpster diving AKA "antiquing" and more.

But my story is WORSE.
I now want....a.....

cannot even say it here.

it rhymes with an "innie tan".

Selling out like in my Birkenstocks, yes? OHMY> I will have to blog about this too.