A rant against Facebook haters...;-(

A while back someone wrote something in the local paper, criticizing Facebook. I sounded off, pointing out that...wait. Let me see if I can find it.
You know what I'm tired off? People bitching about Facebook. You don't like it? GO AWAY! We didn't invite you to our party anyway ;-( If my friend posts she's at Restaurant Du Jour? She's either telling it because we were there yesterday and we're still laughing, or she's giving good press to a worthy establishment. Or someone tells what's for dinner? It involves personal favorites or local produce or something special from the area. EVERY POST ISN'T DIRECTED TO YOU! Ass.
So today, I was doing something and I thought...wonder what my day looked like? (Because, see, I was SUPPOSED to spend the day watching tennis and playing with my friends. But SOME thoughtless spouse neglected to mention until HE WAS WALKING OUT THE DOOR that he was going to Nashville tomorrow to pick up his car. Which totally threw a monkey wrench into the entire workings so I SAT here BY MYSELF all day. Different post.)
ANYWAY. Went back and checked and sure enough...posts for the planet. Yes, I posted a picture of an awesome little girls coat and hat ensemble, with the comment that it looked JUST like something The Nice Kid would have worn. (She of the matching hat/socks/shoes/hairbow outfits.) You know why? Local, home-owned shop. Lovely stuff. Owned by the relative of a friend of mine and YES...you should buy your cute kid cute stuff from the cute shop owned by the cute niece of my friend.
Another post was a link to Tabasco's recipe site, because Tabasco is a very old, very revered, VERY important-in-this-house, business. And you should be clicking on their links so that they stay happy and keep bottling peppers. (For The Big Boy and my SIL's birthdays, I paid $25 for five ounces of Tabasco Family Reserve. TBB is an ass and rolled his eyes, but there's a really nice medallion on the bottle. So there.)
Another link was to a food blog and if you know ANYTHING about us, City Girl and I would be all ABOUT some food.
Fourth post was a picture of The Not Nice Kid, with her boot and crutches, sitting in a chair watching the high school homecoming parade with two friends. Said friends being the most well-mannered, erudite, functional kids ever. Anywhere. They're pretty, too. Kudos to the parents.
Okay...fifth post was a picture of my parents dog. Eight-week-old German Shepherd puppy the size of a large laundry basket. All feet and crooked ears. I'm babysitting him while they are in the mountains. He is TOO cute...I figure if you un-friend me because of a post of a super-cute puppy, you didn't need to be here anyway. (This is particularly apt because I currently own/feed four dogs no one else wanted, and a running count of cats. Supposed to be six, but Groucho hasn't been around so I'm not sure.)
All of which brings me back to my point...it's a social site, meant to please a myriad of people. Roughly 100 of my friends know those well-mannered children, and smiled when they saw the picture. Roughly 100 PERCENT of my friends went immediately to the food blog...then to the Tabasco site. The children's shop site? If just two people with young children walk through that door, I've done my deed for the day.
So. Dear Ass: None of it was directed at you. Wasn't MEANT to be, and I'm guessing if you had seen any of it, the picture of the puppy would have given you fodder for foolishness. Because that's what you're spouting and NOW I remember why no one I know reads you.
So there.
She sez, as she tries to pick a cat hair out from under the the Caps Lock key, so it will work again ;-)


City Girl said…
Same thing with vacation pictures. If we go someplace, and family members ask us to post while we're away so they become virtually involved in what we're doing - the pics are for them. Not for you. We aren't bragging or being obnoxious about traveling. We're posting because our Near and Dears asked us to. So kiss my ass. And why are we Facebook friends anyway? I need to clean house....

PS - I DID go to the blog you posted about! :oD
Country Girl said…
Hmmm...just realized I be hatin' on haters ;-)
jez said…
Yes, clean the house out woman. I think I have a bunch of squirrels living in my facebook attic right now. They just rustle out at the most unpleasant times.