Be afraid.... very, very afraid before you become our friend.

This will be a short and to-the-point post because in a minute I'm going to lose perspective and sit here and cry over a mongrel cat for the rest of the day. Don't be bothering me.

We used to have Pumpkin Parties for the kids. Started with five kids in my parents front yard. Last one was...three? four? FIVE??? years ago, with 150 people. Haven't gotten around to it since then.

The first party, we accidentally had a litter of kittens. Got rid of them all. Second party, a friend BROUGHT kittens. Got rid of them all. Third time? No charms awarded; I had to post on the invitations..."NO KITTENS. I promise ;-)"

Today I had one of those kittens put to sleep. Old. Frail. Cranky. Sick. Sicker. The Nice Kid came home from school, coughing and spewing. She took him to the vet for me...said vet is two miles from the house...I couldn't do it. I was still sitting here thinking I could change my mind when she walked back in the door, box in hand.

Dead cat in the box.

I had her put him in the deep freeze. I'll bury him tonight.

A little later we were in the kitchen swatting flies, which are EPIDEMIC here. Having said that? If I were a fly, I'd live here. Non-stop buffet. Just about any room you choose. And one of the kittens kept jumping at the fly swatter.

TNK kept swatting at the flies and yelling at the cat. And I told the cat..."Keep it up!!! We'll put you in the deep freeze!!! WITHOUT taking you to the vet first!!!!"

We fell over laughing. And now we're crying some more.


City Girl said…
Oh, no...I remember that cat...I'm so sorry, No. 1.