A couple of years ago...

...I bought a Nikon SLR. I love this camera. I've loved cameras for a long time...if you know what a Canon AE Program is, you get to move to the front of the line.

When it became apparent that I wasn't raising rocket scientists, but I have a child who may potentially make it to the cover of Sports Illustrated in one of two ways, I started lusting over an SLR. A tennis parent had an awesome Nikon, but she also has family $$'s so while I wasn't lusting to QUITE those heights, I was lusting.

Two margarita lunch did it one day.

LOVED that camera. Til the day it stopped working, and I sent it back to Nikon. They returned it, marked "repaired." It wasn't. At all. I sent it back AGAIN, Nikon kept it for a while and then sent me another camera. A newer version of mine, refurbished. That was okay.

Until it stopped working. Sent it back a couple of weeks ago. It was returned. Marked "repaired." It isn't.

Not ONLY does it not work AT ALL, as opposed to working hesitantly when I sent it in, it was returned with a snarky photocopied sheet which is probably titled "Flash for Dummies." With highlighted paragraphs.

Oh, don't you EVEN.

I paid Nikon $159.22. I paid The Mailing Room $18.78 to ship it. October 6, originally, which means I haven't had a camera for over a month. Yesterday? I got an email from Nikon Service, informing me that they could not procede with emailing me a paid shipping label until I provided them with the invoice repair number and the service order number.

I went into my account on THE NIKON SITE and retrieved said numbers.

Got another email this morning. They need the serial number on the camera.

I just sent it. With the comment that "...it appears to be the same as last week."

I don't fight, people. I'll just buy another brand. And, like with poor service in a restaurant, I won't ever come back. You can make book on it.

This HAS taught me, however, that my 4G Droid? Takes AWESOME pictures.