I'm here!

:: panting hard, grasping at chest, doubled over and making inhuman wheezing noises ::

It's 11:27 - still 33 minutes from December and the end of NaBloPoMo.

I see where CG1 - ever on the ball - already posted today but, Dude, I want in on the action!

Fittingly, I have a story about a happy ending: Tonight, after a long, lo-ng day of meetings; after I (only half-knowingly) kicked up a shit storm of epic proportion, the full fallout from which will not be known until late tomorrow; after a day of having every question met with two more questions, which frustratingly led to ten additional questions - and no answers - I ended the evening laughing my ass off with three coworkers whom I hardly knew.

The company I work for has something like 45,000 employees globally, not counting tens of thousands of contractors in China, India and the Philippines. It's impossible to consider all the people I'll never meet, who are actually colleagues.

This week I'm offsite, in marathon planning sessions with a group of 20 people whom I don't know, have never even heard of, have virtually nothing in common with, and may never see again.

So we met. We went to dinner, and then some of us followed up the meal with a which point we all wound up quoting from the exact same random 1993 "B" movie.

A few people were talking about the technology industry and...well, technological things I didn't understand. Which led to stories about customers, which led to stories of travels to India and the Middle East, which led to people questioning the lack of Coca Cola products in Muslim countries and the abundance of Pepsi, which owns KFC, which lead to Colonel Sanders, which led to someone mumbling, "Before he went teats up" which led to me snorting - SNORTING - mouth agape, "You did not just quote from So I Married an Axe Murderer."

And so began a 20 minute snort fest; four people from wildly different backgrounds quoting Mike Myers as Stuart Mackenzie. Catch up here.

Religion will not unify the world, neither will Wikipedia or the UN - leave the heavy lifting to stupid movies.

Sometimes, life is really, really good.


Country Girl said…
Lord I love you ;-)