I did that thing...

...that thing you always assume YOU'll never be stupid enough to do.

I sent a text to the person I was texting about.

The text read something like, "I wish I could just block NegativeRant's posts. AND ISN'T THAT FUCKING TREE POISONER GUY FROM TEXAS?"

There is, of course, history here. I had been running interference for NR for some time. The team no longer ate or partied together, because of the parents who prefered not to associate. Me? I don't pick sides, and then THAT became an issue with NR, as one disagreement turned into another disagreement and it sort of ended up...with me or against me.

Not gonna happen. I am the ultimate fence-straddler, unless I am married to you in which case...bring it on ;-)

And then we get up one morning and there is this totally irrational rant on Facebook and instead of just keeping my mouth shut, LIKE I HAD DONE FOR THE PAST YEAR, I sounded off to The Nice Kid. She had gone through my FB a couple of days before, deleting negative people. We didn't delete NR, my choice, but I knew TNK would get a kick out of the post.

So I grabbed my phone and sent the text and...I sent it to NegativeRant. You know, the text wishing I had blocked her negative rants.

Y'all, I apologized. Out the ASS, I apologized. Don't know what the response was, except that it was negative and TNK told me to forget about it. She deleted the entire thread.

Since then I've seriously considered...is there a way to ask for confirmation before you hit "send?" I'll bet out of the million texts I've sent in my life, there aren't ten I'd mind anyone seeing...and it was one of those I mis-sent. On the other hand, things are a lot more peaceful and the kids say it's nice not having to always be on guard. I miss a friend. I don't miss the drama.

THIS is why I'm happy in my hole. Nope, I do not willingly leave the house more than a few time a month. Happy in my hole.

Think I'll add that to my list of awesome life theories: #1...You can't save every chicken. #2...Do 55 and fuck it. And now? #3...Happy in my hole.