I wrote an explanation...UPDATE!

I wrote an explanation of how I screwed up America's ultimate middle-class casserole last night. French's Green Bean Casserole. Never had it. Inedible.

When I hit "publish," I got "url not found," and the post is gone.

Not gonna happen.

***Time Lapse ***

CG2 Note: This was a comment, but I figured I'd use it to beef up CG1's post. We've got each other's backs like that.

 My SIL and I were talking on Thanksgiving about how much we hate, despise and loathe green bean casserole. I'd never tried it before moving south...and this is my first public admission that I've never successfully consumed a full portion.

Every year I serve myself a polite little scoop, but end up pushing it around my plate and hiding it under the extra Parker House roll everyone knew I couldn't eat, but put on my plate anyway. Little do they know, the reason I TAKE the second roll is because I need it to cammoflage little scoops of inedible casseroles.

I'm not judging GB casserole connoisseurs. At all. Clearly the problem is with me, not with the millions of normal Americans who can't get enough of its crispy-onion goodness.

Although, it could be the way it looks up at me from the plate. French's would have you believe that everyone's GBC looks like the image above, when really, it looks like this:

At my house we call that "The Dog's Dinner." Not because we would feed it to the dog, but because it looks absolutely repellent.

The good news is that even if we are at odds with the mean and norm, we are not  - by a long shot - alone in our hatred of GBC.

Exhibit A: The "I HATE Green Bean Casserole..." fan page (anti-fan page?) on Facebook.
Exhibit B: The "I hate *fill in the blank* more than green bean casserole" CBS Sports fan page.
Exhibit C: The Cooking Light message board - admittedly not the best place to find supporters of cream of mushroom soup and fried onions, but still....

Green Bean Casserole! More fattening and less enjoyable than a stomach virus!


Country Girl said…
Now see...mine didn't look like the bad version at all, which might be what was wrong with it? Mine was all perky green beans the consistency of tire rubber. And there wasn't enough...goop. Oh well. Probably meant to be.