It's A Wonderful Life!!

Ignoring the useless dish and the telephone pole and lines...this is the view out my back door. Those black dots are cows. The crop in front of them is...well, hell. Short grain. I'll remember later.

City Girl and I had lunch today. The food was good and I have mussels to cook for supper. The Nice Kid joined us and it was such a nice day her constant interrupting and laughing and telling stories that had nothing to do with what we were talking about was nice. And for the record? Yes. City Girl cuts up her sandwiches and eats them with knife and fork. Never having been to McDonalds with her? I cannot verify the frequency....

But somedays everything is just...right. And today was one.

I love this life ;-)


City Girl said…
Okay, just to clarify the record, I only eat sandwiches with utensils in specific situations: 1. In public, 2. When the sandwich contents a) would squeeze out the other end if I bit into it, or b) are so voluminous they render the sandwich too 'tall' to bite into.

Don't pick on me just because you'd eat soup with your fingers if you could. :: snort ::

Also, for the record, CG1 does have awesome, beautiful and very cool kids. <3
Country Girl said…
Yeah but know how many guys I can pick up eating soup with my fingers? Slowly? REALLY slowly???