It is genetic...

...the thing that makes guys different from girls. We, obviously, are not talking physical attributes here; although I have a HELL of a lot to say about that, too!

My dad is an only child. This is not a good thing. My husband has a sister, but he is the oldest and the one who shone while growing up. (That's not necessarily a bad thing, unless you're the sister.)

We live in a small town. My friend's grandparents are buried in the same cemetery with my grandparents. I'm related to half of everyone I know, and related to someone who is married to the other half of everyone I know. You grow up this way and you...belong. It's that simple.

A couple of months ago my dad went to an old friend's house, after a funeral, where all the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, etc, were gathered. My dad doesn't get out much anymore, hasn't done anything for anyone lately, and isn't overly concerned with the well-being of the planet.

His comment, afterwards? "None of those kids know who I am."

Now, I'll give you he has been a part of that family for most of the last century, but time...she be a' passin'. And considering he hasn't made any gestures to be a part of these latter generation's lives? My first thought was...his comment should have been, "I don't know who any of those kids are."

But I thought I was just being pissy.

The Not Nice Kid has been in a boot and on crutches for a month, and although she has been officially "released," we still have exercises and ice and ibuprofen. So this weekend, she played basketball with her school team. (She really was hoping she'd get to sub with the boys, but we have to be careful about that now. Political correctness and all that. The girl kicking the boys asses doesn't go over too well anymore.)

I know I'm the mom, but I'm not prejudiced. She really IS that good. So midway through the game one of the refs comes up to me, (when he realizes the woman in the stands making fun of the basketball kid ("Girl shots!!" That's my line...) was probably the mom) and says, "My son saw a game y'all played last week and came home and told me about her. Says SJ has a girl who can play with ANYBODY!" I laughed, because I hear this all the time and I can't run and spit at the same time because it takes too much coordination, and agreed. Then someone did something and the ref went off to ref. 'Cause, you know, that's what refs do...

He came back a little bit later and asked, "Where did she come from?"

Then someone did something and he went off to ref some more.

Finally, after figuring out how old he was and where he went to high school, I explained to him that The Big Boy played on the local high school team that won a state championship in the 70's, with a star player who is a local legend. (His name is Otis Boddie and he was AWESOME. Daughter at Auburn and she got the genes ;-)

The ref knew immediately.

When I came home and repeated the story, TBB wasn't paying a lot of attention because he's cool that way. But when I said, "That ref said he'd been looking for her....", TBB raised up and said, "Looking for me?"

No. Not looking for you. ASS.

But that's IT!!!...what makes men step out in front, so much more easily than women do. They always assume someone is looking for them. AND THAT'S NOT A BAD THING...I'm trying to teach these girls this. Step out!! You're the one!! But the point is...I'm having to teach them! They weren't born with this automatic assumption...the one that says, "The world revolves around you!" "You are the one!" "You light up my world!"

Sorry. Debbie Boone regression there.

"The things that make me different are the things that make me." Winnie the Pooh. Who would have been a better parent than I am ;-)


City Girl said…
1. You are a fabulous parent with three well-adjusted children.
2. You can't compare yourself to The Pooh. I mean, c'mon, he's Pooh Bear! He has no equal.
3. Debbie Boone: Thanks for the ear worm. Bitch.
Tom said…
1. You are a fabulous parent with 3 well adjusted children that have a parent at EVERY SINGLE EVENT.

2. You can't compare yourself to The Pooh. He can't drive, the lazy-ass. He doesn't even TRY!

3. Debbie Boone: It's "You Light Up My Life" but at least it wasn't the Carpenters.
Tom said…
4. Oh! AND they are VERY well fed. Will you adopt me?