I am seriously considering undertaking the following steps this weekend:
1. Mix up a big nasty batch of Master Cleanse 
2. Buy, cook and consume vegetables in large quantities
3. Refrain from alcohol and caffeine for the weekend
4. Get a massage, a steam and drink many liters of water
5. Sit down and read both newspapers
6. Take vitamins
7. Take naps
8. Seriously attempt to meditate
9. Moisturize
10. Not leave the house (except for the massage)

Normally my weekend routine goes something like this:
1. Eat a lot of bad stuff
2. Eat a lot of good stuff
3. Drink a lot of wine
4. Drink a lot of Diet Coke and coffee
5. Run around like a maniac trying to accomplish way too many things
6. Start worrying on Sunday afternoon, what madness the week ahead will bring
7. Beat myself up on Sunday night for all the things I *didn't* accomplish

I hate to admit this, but the older I get the harder it is to bounce back from  a week on the road. Especially when I travel with people...I tend to pick up their bad habits and add them to my already impressively long list of Things I Really Shouldn't Do.

Like eat sausage for breakfast, an Italian sub for lunch and then top it off with ribs and wings for dinner.

Can you say bloated? I knew that you could.


Country Girl said…
You are so good...I logged in and here was this! I ordered "Clean" by Alejandro Junger last week. It, however, is a 21-day thing. I might could do a weekend ;-)
msgoyer said…
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msgoyer said…
Country Girl: Even a weekend will help! Know you are fully supported however long you want to do it. If you haven't already check out and certainly check out the community site at

And please send any questions my way!

City Girl: It is so great for you to take a weekend for yourself. I hope you enjoyed it, and can find time to do so more often. I just wanted to share some info about the Clean program and the master cleanse.

The Clean program is a lot easier than many detox cleanses out there, like the master cleanse. It can be difficult to eliminate certain foods at first, but you get used to it, and soon you will be feeling so good, it will keep you motivated :) The clean program also makes sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to fully support your system in effective elimination of toxins. This is important because if your system isn't supported, what can happen is that toxins don't get fully eliminated, and they then get re-absorbed back into your blood stream, where they are then more harmful than they were initially. So clean makes sure this doesn't happen by fully supporting your system. On the same note, another great thing about clean is that it works to re-build your intestinal flora. A leaky gut is the cause of so many common problems today, and while detoxing is certainly an important part of getting healthy, optimal health can only result when the gut it healthy as well. That is why clean works to specifically help the body repair itself. Another great thing about the clean program is all the support available to you. We have phone, email, live chat, text, and support ticket support available. This includes free access to our team of wellness coaches, regardless of whether you buy a kit or do the cleanse on your own following the book. It may be a good idea to check out the community site at where you can read about the experiences of 30,000+ members and get a better feel for the program. Please feel free to email me with any questions that you have about the clean program or cleansing in general. I hope this helps some!

Cheers, Meghan
Clean Community Ambassador