Tune In, Drop Out, Get on a Plane

Well, kids, I'm off again - about to board a plane to the bustling metropolis of Cleveland.

Actually, I like Cleveland. There's really nothing not to like about Cleveland - I think the place gets a bum rap.

Unlike Detroilet, which was as depressing as I expected when I visited a few weeks ago.

On Thursday I'll be in Silicon Valley. I *would* tell you that I'll be in San Jose, except that certain elements out there insist on singing a certain old song whenever I mention San Jose, so I TOTALLY am not mentioning San Jose.

So let's review where I've recently traveled for work: Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City and, soon, San...Silicon Valley.

Wow. That's really not a sexy lineup, is it?

These cities are where the customers in my program are based, and I'm thinking that if I'd been devious instead of loyal, forthright and true (like a St. Bernard..or are those the Mounties?) I'd have recruited customers in Miami, Manhattan, Seattle and San Diego.

Next time. The next round of customers will be in Vancouver, Chicago, Tampa and Toronto - places I've either called home and want to return to, or cities I've long wanted to visit...and possibly move to. (Hub and I seriously discussed making a run for the border when George W was reelected).

More from the road later this week. :o)


Comet Girl said…
"Do you know the way to San Jose?" La La La La La La La La! Thanks again City!