You're gonna have to trust me here....

Due to popular request (hahahaha! That would be from elementary school moms) I posted a recipe on Facebook yesterday. Keeping in mind, City Girl and I are all ABOUT some fact, we'd probably be better at running a restaurant than we are at blogging, just because we'd get to EAT! And play with food! And go on Pinterest and find awesome tablescapes! None of which, I'm guessing, has anything to do with running a restaurant but until we ran out of funding we would be SO happy....

Right there's the problem...I couldn't run a restaurant if you bought me new Nikes. I'd be bankrupt two days before I opened. But COOK? I might not could do it, but I'd go down eating ;-)

The thing about this recipe is that it has two things I normally would never consider using...a crockpot and cream-of soup. Why? I have NO idea. It's just that...crockpot. It seems soup. I don't know where I got these notions, but I've carried them around for a long time. Then, about five years ago, I got to noticing that there were a LOT of recipes for crockpot things that sounded...good. And THEN....I got to noticing that I wasn't home very much. Two kids playing sports, going to school 20 miles from home and playing entirely different things, didn't leave a lot of down time.

The Big Boy used to joke, when I had one kid and spent HOURS on supper every night, that I'd go into the kitchen, open a bottle of wine for dinner, make the bread for its first rising, put something on to simmer, have a glass of wine, set the table and have a glass of wine, do something with some meat and start another vegetable, have a glass of wine, get everything ready to sit down and a bottle of wine for dinner. He's such a card.

So I bought a crockpot and it sat in the garage, unopened in its box, for two years. But I kept seeing the recipes, so finally one day I took it out and...voila!!! I'm hooked. Dumbass Award of the Year to the dumbass who left her crockpot in the box for two years. That would be me.

Cream-of soup? No idea where that prejudice came from, either. It just always seemed so...common. HAVE I MENTIONED THE DUMBASS AWARD? Common isn't bad! Common may be common because it WORKS!

So here, courtesy of a friend who kept insisting this was good is...TA-DAH!!! Your grandmother's chicken and dressing and I'm not kidding you...this is as light and moist and savory and rich and perfect as everytime your grandmother made it. And if you come from my family, that's the ONLY time it tasted like that because my mother? Cuts her chicken and dressing in squares. Like...dry squares. I cannot explain the cream-of-chicken soup. Can't do it. You'll just have to trust my friend Lisa.

Crockpot Chicken and Dressing

2-4 chicken breasts
8-inch pan cornbread
8 slices day-old bread or four fat biscuits or four fat rolls
1 medium onion,chopped
1/4 cup to 1 cup chopped celery
4 eggs, beaten
24 oz chicken broth
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 t salt
Pepper to taste
2 T sage/poultery seasoning
3 T butter

Crumble breads. Mix in all other ingredients, excepting butter. Spray crockpot with cooking spray, pour chicken and dressing into pot and dot with butter. Cook two hours on high or four hours on low.

Now. I cook the chicken, then use the cooking broth for the recipe. I cut the chicken into chunks and mix it in with the dressing. If you're using pre-cooked chicken, you need two 14-oz cans of broth. Lisa's recipe called for less seasoning but...Lord I love me some sage in some dressing, so trust me. Two tablespoons sage.

Please don't do what I did and not try this. This is so good that now I keep a ziplock bag in the freezer and save leftover cornbread and biscuits, for when the notion strikes. If you buy frozen chicken breasts in the bag? You can pull out a couple of breasts, make a pan of cornbread if you don't have enough saved and...two hours later. The Supper of Champions.

I promise.