Day Four...

...of this cleanse I'm not doing. And I'm not feeling the love.

The alarm goes off at 6:30; we get up about ten minutes later. I make coffee for The Big Boy, yell about teeth and hair and lunches and backpacks and tennis bags and the time. I take the paper, the Notebook and my phone and come sit in the bed and read and do the Sudoku and check Facebook and Pinterest and emails and then...I've been sleeping 'til 11:30 or 12 every day.

My skin does look better and I lost five pounds in two days which I know can't be good. I feel like shit. I'm not sleeping too well, although last night was better. I just don't see the meeting at five this afternoon and no, we can't go eat afterwards. Not quite sick of this drink yet, but I can see that coming.

Part of me says, WTH? The other part says, go to bed tonight on track and then you only have six days. One-and-a-half times what you've already done. All the articles SAY it's supposed to be like this...that there will be an awesome awakening here in a few days. It would probably be best if tomorrow, I went for a walk when The Inmates leave, as opposed to piling up with the print and electronics.

Now I know why they do this in groups. My self-motivation has never been my strong point.

We'll see.