I [Heart] NYT

It happens every time we accept the NaBloPoMo challenge - we hit a dry spell and the quality of our posts deteriorates to the point of list-making, copy-less photographs and/or plagiarism.

Today we hit the trifecta. 

Many of you probably noticed this image in your news or social media feed on Wednesday...

...but did you click on the headline and read the article?

If you looked at the graphic, found your state and thought, "My family doesn't make X on Thanksgiving, this is completely wrong" and then clicked away, you missed out - big time.

Do yourself a favor and return to the article here. 

Every dish, whether or not it accurately represents what you know to be true about Thanksgiving food traditions in your region, is intriguing.

Some are blatantly odd... and thought provoking.

Some are dead genius.

Some will induce flashbacks to nightmarish childhood meals.

And some are just gorgeously photographed.

Take 15 minutes and head over to the New York Times. If you weren't already prepping your salivary glands for the feast next week, this very nicely constructed article will get you going.

**Note: I have no idea why the view of the NYT page is so large. When I clicked over I felt like my computer automatically adjusted to 90-year-old vision mode.


Country Girl said…
Well. That salmon pie looks awesome, and I've printed the oyster dressing to make if I have time. HOWEVER! You know what's wrong with this recipe? Do you see where it calls for "1 (8-inch-square)" baked and and cooled cornbread, preferably on the the sweet side?" I will give you that maybe, JUST MAYBE, sweet cornbread works here but that is NOT okay in Alabama. The jarring note in this recipe that screams, "YANKEE!" Who the hell ever heard of an 8" SQUARE pand of cornbread? Cornbread is round, because cast iron skillets are round. There is no negotiation here. So I'll just cook an 8" round skillet of cornbread. Dilemma solved ;-)
kg said…