The Pressure is Off!

We interrupt this NaBloPoMo to bring you a confession:

Every unlikable thing about me (CG2) stems from an inherited - nature and nurture - view of 'the right way to do things.' 

The Right Way - the way things look inside my alphabetically and chronologically organized brain - is the only way. Which makes me a perfectly charming spouse and Boss of the Year. If the year is 1489.

When things aren't going The Right Way, I get stressed. Very, terribly, stressed. 

The fantastic thing is that when things are actually going according to plan I am a nervous wreck because something is going to go wrong.

Now? Is it now? How about now? Is this when it all falls apart? No? How about now? Now? NOW?

So thank you, Blogger log-in fail.
I still have no idea where we went wrong, but CG1 couldn't log into the blog last night - and I was engaged in belated Halloween partying so I didn't get the distress signal. 

Long story short: CG and I fumbled the very first day of NaBloPoMo so... the pressure is off!
Hallelujah and pass the biscuits!
We didn't have a plan, so it couldn't go wrong, and - on Day One - we eliminated ourselves from the race for a prize. Have we ever mentioned how competitive we are?

We are now completely free to enjoy the rest of NaBloPoMo.


We now return you to our irregular, unscheduled posting.


agcruce said…
I am still fighting the good fight. There HAS to be a way ;-(