Santa Baby!

Tonight is Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow morning we will either be THRILLED with our bright, shiny, new red bicycles - you know, the one with the banana seat and the monkey bars - or we will be glowering over the box of socks and underwear we're stuck with for the next four years.

Which candidate is the kick-ass Schwinn and which is the sensible tidy whities depends on your perspective.

Either way - Go Vote for Your Bicycle!


Country Girl said…
I went down there all self-righteous, ready to file my protest vote.

Ron Paul's not on the ballot.

I feel like a hot air balloon with a slow leak.
Melissa said…
I wish I could watch this drunk. But I have to be ready to teach 4 year olds at 7:15 in the morning, so drunk isn't an option. But if things go south, I may change my mind.
Tom said…
I got my shiny new Schwinn!! Banana seat and all!!!

It's even got the tassels on the handlebars that I always wanted!
alejna said…
I love my shiny new bicycle! Woohoo!