Free Associating

I very much enjoy reading the free association posts on Le Laquet's blog, although I rarely participate for whatever reason.

But I thought maybe if I do it, you twisted puppies might play along - and that would be fun, right?

Humor me, it's been a rough year so far.

So submit your responses in the Comment Box (where else?) and the submission deemed most clever/funniest will win a prize.

(I'm all about the prizes lately).

My contribution:

  • Resolution : Dyslexic Bolshevik
  • Break :: Kneecaps

  • Tied :: Implicated

  • Suffering :: Martyr

  • Instead :: Menu Substitution (a la When Harry Met Sally)

  • Slash :: Haircut

  • Divorce :: Elizabeth Taylor

  • Cough :: Hernia

  • Happy :: Go Lucky :: Holly Golightly

  • Sniffle :: Mr. Snuffleupagus

  • Spontaneous Trivia - Did you know that Snuffy's first name is Aloysius?


    hswilkinson said…
    Ah, fun before I go to work...

    Resolution: UN Security Council
    Break: Vacation
    Tied: Bedposts
    Suffering: Lack of coffee
    Instead: Just because.
    Slash: guitarist
    Divorce: break (hah! recursion!)
    Cough: phlegm
    Happy: kick ass
    Sniffle: loogie.

    I must not be awake yet...
    Amblus said…
    Resolution :: don't do it.
    Break :: Fiesta Ware
    Tied :: I win
    Suffering :: mail room guy
    Instead :: eat that
    Slash :: and burn
    Divorce :: childhood
    Cough :: seriously get away from me you germy f*ck.
    Happy :: Nasty perfume
    Sniffle :: Kleenex
    Pierce said…
    Resolution : Goal
    Break :: waves

    Tied :: up

    Suffering :: out of chocolate
    Instead :: weekend get away vs long holiday
    Slash :: guitar

    Divorce :: broken

    Cough :: sneeze

    Happy :: cooking
    Sniffle :: tissue
    City Girl said…
    We have a winner!

    All the entries made us laugh, and y'all were close, but after much deliberation by the judges, we're awarding our very first contest prize to hswilkinson.

    What pushed her over the top, you ask? The fact she used - possibly for the first time in the English language - the words "recursion" and "loogie" in the same sentence (basically).

    Congrats. You're prize is on the way. Almost. I still have to finish it, but it's mostly done. :o)
    hswilkinson said…
    Awesome! I'm not sure what this says about my brain at 4:30 am, though. :)