The Execution

...of the plan.

Plan B.

I accepted the offer of Company X (not to be confused with Racer X) and I am.

Working at home, in my pajamas - must. perpetuate. stereotype. - typing away at the dining room table. When I've finished my tea and toast, I'll move the operation to the den/home office...still in my pajamas.

I've already accomplished loads of work this morning, and I've only been at it for 30 minutes: answered all my email, uninterrupted. I had a great thought at 3:00 this morning - the only time of day great thoughts come to me - and am about to launch into that, uninterrupted.

I deeply love "uninterrupted."

Anyway, I'll keep this up (not the blogging, the working, thinking of great thoughts and having of great ideas) until noon at which point I will haul the Company X-issued laptop (and air card, and Blackberry. Kisses to the IT boys at Co. X) over to Hubster's office where I'll work until 5 or 6:00.

Or until 2:00 on days when The Boss is feeling generous...or wants me, his humble servant, to mow the lawn.

That was not a euphemism for daylight sex.

I, "Grace"-the-accident-waiting-to-happen, have offered to learn to work the lawn mower and take care of the yards/gardens of our rental houses - now totaling three, plus our own house.

This will accomplish three things: 1) Save time as Hub cannot possibly keep up with four yards, front and back, two of which are on double lots, and keep up with the business, and have a life/wife 2) Save money - on a lawn service 3) Get me an awesome tan this summer!

Admittedly, it'll be a farmer's tan, but considering that I haven't donned a bathing suit in almost five years - who cares? Tanned arms and legs! Woo-hooo! But I digress....

So, yeah, this really is the best of both worlds...for as long as it lasts. Like I said, new management is due to arrive within the next sixty days and he/she may not approve of this setup.

S/he may suspect I'm blogging on company time...Crazy, huh?

Must. Perpetuate. All. Telecommuting. Stereotypes.


Comet Girl said…
Good for you my dear! I must say, I'm a little jealous. However, uninterupted would NEVER happen at my house. If you buy some new jammies, can you claim them as work attire on your taxes? BTW, love the header pic!
I love it! I want that stereotypical job where I sit at home in my pajamas.

Oh wait, I already have that stereotypical.
Dory said…
I'm so damn happy for you!
Lumpy said…
Awe, come on over to the truly "red-neck" side, and mow the lawn in your bikini top!