In The News

Animal Farm 2009
First it was Mad Cow Disease.
Then it was Bird Flu.
Now it's Swine Flu....

Do you get the feeling the animals are finally meting their revenge on the biped omnivores?

The First Dog
Why are all the White House dogs purebreds? We aren't a country of purebred people, haven't had a "purebred" president since what's up with the dogs?

What's wrong with a mutt, I ask you? A good old pound puppy. Save a fuzzy widdle face from the gas chamber.

I appreciate that one of the Obama children is allergic...wouldn't this have been a great opportunity to address all the other pet dander intolerant little people out there and say, "It's okay to be allergic! Look! Even a First Child has allergies!" Instead, they found a hypoallergenic dog...which creeps me out a bit, truth be told.

What about a First Hamster? Other allergic kids settle for hamsters. Or a First Fish? Are fish politically incorrect? The White House is already a fish bowl...seems logical to me....

The GM Restructure
Under the GM restructuring plan, taxpayers (and union members) will own 89% of the failed company.

I DON'T WANT GM! I've never driven a GM, my parents never drove GMs...I can't stand GMs! So, because we wouldn't buy a few of their crappy cars we're now going to own THOUSANDS of them! Sweet Jeebus.

Susan Boyle
I'm really concerned that the makeover happened too quickly.

Honestly, I've given this a lot of thought - marketing people are sick that way - and I'm afraid she's at serious risk of losing the pity vote.

Not a smart move, Susan. You've been frumpy-fabulous for 47 years - would another month have killed you? You don't need a stylist, you need a evil genius PR agent!

Mike Tyson: The Movie
I have no words. Seriously.


Em said…
Brilliant. Lots to ponder today.
Comet Girl said…
I think with the makeover Susan looks like Nathan Lane in "The Birdcage". Love ya Susan!!!
Melissa said…
We jokingly call my very large black male cat "Mike Tyson". Big giant cat, itty bitty meow. Cracks us up every time.
Wow.. this is our news. We need better topics.
Heather said…
Thanks for visiting today. I heard that they were trying to find a pound puppy at the Whitehouse. I am with you on Mike Tyson - no words.
yup...american news....Breaking News "The Obama's dod has taken a poo on the White house lawn"..I mean really??

Mrs. Gamgee said…
I just saw a review of the Mike Tyson movie last night (done by the guys who took over for Ebert) and it actually got two thumbs up. Just goes to show that movie reviewer know squat!

Thanks for the giggle today!
alejna said…
I like the idea of a First Fish. But what would happen if they got more than one?
agcruce said…
Okay, we need some sort of warning system before a PICTURE LIKE THAT pops up on my screen! I choked on coffee for five minutes.
hswilkinson said…
Dogs are photogenic. I miss Socks the cat. At least this version of the news is better than Fox - the OMGFIREYOUWILLDIESOON Network.