Another Phase/Chapter/Experiment

Dear Peeps:

About a year and a half ago, CG1 and I decided that because – at that time – our readership was nearly evenly divided between girl people and boy people (hell, there were only six of you) we’d take our cooking/baking/recipe talk to another URL.

And so No Place for Picky Eaters (NPFPE) was born unto the Blogosphere.

:: cue the choir of angels ::

For a while – I’d say a year – we didn’t do a terrible job keep up with both blogs.

Let me put it this way: If the blogs had been children, DHR /DFS wouldn’t have taken them away from us…they’d just have assigned us a case number and kept an eye on things...random home visits and drug tests and whatnot.

But lately… lately we’ve not been doing such a fab job with our youngest offspring.

Yesterday NPFPE came home with a school suspension, a tattoo on her neck and knocked up. We have failed her.

These days we average 35 readers a day on CG/CG and the vast majority of you – as far as we can tell – are Womenfolk. People who wouldn’t mind a recipe post now and then. God knows you stuck with us during feminine hygiene and reproductive rants in the last year – a bit of soft food porn should come as a welcome relief.

We may even post about sewing and knitting and gardening now and then.

Yes, CG/CG is primarily an outlet for the bitching and moaning of two sarcastic, cynical, sometimes sotted Southerners.

But we’re so much more than that.

Do you know that CG1 is a Master Gardener, a connoisseur of cheeses and a critically acclaimed (by half the damn County) baker?

And I… Well, I can knit, and I can sew…and I like to dig in the dirt, and while I am not anywhere near as domestically accomplished as CG1, failure makes for better storytelling, no?

So next week, I think, NPFPE will cease to exist. As a bridge I’ll reroute the URL here and transfer all our faves to this blogroll – shout out to PBE, yo!

Year three, format three - these Alabama girls are RESTLESS!

- Single Barrel Wishes and Stilton Bleu Dreams, City Girl

PS - Yes, that is an image of Country Girl baking 10 dozen yeast rolls this past Easter. I think we got her good side!


alejna said…
I've been known to sneak a peek at food porn in my day...You might even find a cooking magazine or two stashed under my bed.

"Yesterday NPFPE came home with a school suspension, a tattoo on her neck and knocked up. We have failed her."

I loved this! I love to see people run away with a metaphor, and then come walking back with it.
Tom said…
Do NOT forget your mad Power Point skillz... That counts for something in my world!
Le laquet said…
It's not going to disappear completely is it? Is till salivate (and my hips shake in fear) at some of your recipes!
Country Girl said…
Le laquet is right...I think I'll go print out the entire thing. Your pork tenderloin makes my Sundays!
Country Girl said…
You think THAT picture's good? Just wait 'til next year.
Dory said…
Oh Mah Gah, I remember when our little knocked up crack whore was just a delinquent stealing smokes from the corner store...