Worth It

I love it when Mama Karma and Mother Nature combine forces like the Wonder Twins to set things right.

The Japanese Itcher, the fried iPod and the hotel sheets that smell like Vicks Vaporub ::gag:: ...are all but forgotten.

I am - right now - watching a lightening storm over the Hudson River. The thunder is echoing off the Manhattan skyline and bouncing back on us here in New Jersey.

It. Is. Awesome.


Tom said…
You're in Hoboken? I have a friend there that was just making reference to a great bar there. She didn't tell me where it was but I can find out if you want. Karma isn't always about bloody butt stitches. Sometimes she is about making you feeling good.
Ms. Latina said…
It was wasnt it? Amazing and terrifying at the same time! Love your pic by the way!
Alicia said…
how cool!! i love to watch storms! that picture is amazing!
Governor Jen said…
I'm glad you saw such a great show. Something has to make New Jersey good. Great photo!
City Girl said…
Okay, just to set the record straight, I did NOT take this photo. I found it on Flickr and when I went back to get the link? I couldn't find it again...so no Image Credit.

I WISH I had a camera this good!!