Can you IMAGINE?

Heard this on the radio this morning and I don't care if it's true or not...OMG. For real.

The miners? Down in the hole? The ones we're all watching come out, and if you haven't teared up? Then you're just not right. Sez me.

One of the guys has been down there, his wife standing vigil. I mean...we're talking three months here. There is a LOT of trash to be carried out. And someone needs to be coaching a soccer team and hey...that AIN'T in the wife's job description. She is READY for her man to come home and be assured...she's already signed a contract with The Today Show and Oprah.

They get ready to start bringing the guys up, the wife is standing there all wifely and legal the background, is another voice. A female voice. Screaming his name.

Talk about interesting introductions...Wife? Meet girlfriend. Girlfriend? Meet wife.

Cameras are over there.

The radio announcer who was telling the story called it... this is the time? You're the miner?

Down in the hole is looking REAL comfortable.

"Thanks, guys. I appreciate the thought. If it's all the same to you? Just keep dropping the food and booze down that pipe. I'm good."


Comet Girl said…
It must be true because all the radio and TV have been talking about the cheating bastard in the hole. How bout the girlfriend? If she knew about the wife and came anyway, she should be strung up with the miner. If he neglected to tell her his marital status... then I guess stones for one will be sufficient.
nick said…
It was good-feeling TV.

Apparently the girlfriend showed up and the wife stayed home. Ouch.
City Girl said…
THIS is why I don't watch television anymore. Unless it's Dr. Who or True Blood on the DVR.

I'm cynical enough without watching something like that. Asshole.

Now, on the other hand, if the wife KNEW about the GF? And stood vigil, publicly, to make a point which WILL be brought up during the distribution of assets portion of the divorce proceedings?

Well, then that's just friggin' BRILLIANT.