Inventing Insults

Our old friend Hunky, husband of Dory, posted this story about the bastards in Congress on FaceBook.

Debt Supercommittee Members Brace for Failure

The assholes are giving up before they've even tried.

Tom, being the lovely good guy he is, called them "Jackwagons."

In a fit of pissed-off-ness, I asked if "Jackwagon" is the polite term for a useless, leaky douchebag.

Which struck me...did I just make that up? I wonder if anyone has ever compared a useless apparatus - like a governing body - to a dysfunctional gynecological gadget.

My rage at Congress temporarily forgotten, I Googled my brand-new favorite term...and found it has been applied to lawyers and politicians for years, and most recently to Mark Zuckerberg.

So now I'm on to the next new insult:
Stone Cold Speculum?

OK  - Stop the presses.

Now, I just Googled "gynecological tools...." and it auto completed, "gynecological tools for mutant women."

I....I'm speechless. I have no words.



Tom said…
I frequently use the term "douche-canoe", which is nicer than "cock-knuckle". I find it easier to explain "douche-canoe" around my more conservative friends and pastor friends, since roosters possess toes which have knuckles and a douche-canoe is simply... a douche-canoe.
Tom said…
I wish I could claim that one as mine, but if you follow Jenny, The Bloggess, (As you should) you know that those were hers.